Buying a motorcycle online? Use a motorcycle inspection service.

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Nervous about purchasing a Motorcycle online?

ID Transport will fully inspect to your specifications the motorcycle or Atv you wish to purchase. Upon your approval. ID Transport will then deliver the final payment from you to the seller. Additional cost for this service is a fee of $100.

Terms are as follows.

We will need half of the shipping fee for deposit plus the $100. We will inspect the bike and make sure you are getting what you expect to be getting. Then we will report to you for your approval. If you do not approve we will not give final payment to the seller. In this case you will forfeit your deposit to ID Transport for time spent and fuel cost. Both parties must agree to these terms and seller must be willing to except final payment in the form of Money orders or cashiers check made out to the seller from you. Once we hand them the payment we must be able to load the bike immediately. We will not wait around.

This process should only be used if you are uncertain about the seller.
We must have the cashiers check or money orders payable to the seller before we leave on that run.


Get a third party involved if possible

* Find a local motorcycle dealer in the area where you are going to purchase your bike.Call the dealer and ask if they would work as a middleman in your deal. Since it's unlikely you will be able to see the bike yourself, it will be to your best interest to have an unbiased third party to check over your bike, its title and handle the details of the sale and paperwork. Normally, most cycle shops will be happy to do this for you and the fees usually are under $100. This is a small price that will save you major headaches.
* IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you are aware of any scratches, dings, dents or broken parts before you buy the bike. When we pick up the motorcycle, we will fill out a form noting any areas on the bike that have those problems. You should be aware of these problems to avoid any hard feelings or misunderstanding when the delivery is completed.

Loose or extra parts

* If your bike comes with extra parts such as tires, exhaust systems, etc., those parts can be shipped with us for a additional fee the parts must be in a secure box that can weigh no more than 50 lbs and be the size of a small television box the fee is usually around $50 for the parts driver must be able to inspect the contents of the box for safety reasons.

Allow time for transport

*Keep in mind we group shipments. We are not just going someplace to pick up a single bike. Therefore, if you need your bike by a certain date, you should allow enough time. Normal shipping deliveries are from 2 to 4 weeks .

Factor in money for transport.

Even though we make it easier to shop around for your new Motorcycle, with our one set pricing in our main run area.You should call us for an estimate on what it will cost to get your motorcycle delivered to you. Prices are based on the size of the bike in our main run area. If you have a bike that is a very good price and it's in Wisconsin and it's coming back to Florida, it's going to cost more than a bike that's coming from Ohio

Make sure the title is clean.

* Here's a nightmare: Image paying out $5,000.00 for a motorcycle that you cannot title. It has happened before. see a copy of the title or have someone verify the title before you purchase the motorcycle.

ID Transport will not handle your title or be responsible for your title in any way. Unless you opt for the inspection service.

Double-check everything.

* Make sure everything above is double-checked, because the last thing you want is for us to unload the ugliest bike on wheels at your house!
You will be more than little mad to discover that your dream bike is actually a nightmare instead of your pride and joy!
We are not trying to scare you. We are just trying to educate you so that your great deal will be a really sweet deal, like many others have found over the web.

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Buying a motorcycle
online? Use a motorcycle inspection service